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LMB is the place where those who lead or manage businesses in the private, public or third sector, who share the values of the Labour Party come together to discuss both best practice and the common challenges and issues facing businesses in the North West.

Our events facilitate the free interchange of ideas so the Party can learn from business and formulate better policies relating to Business, Innovation and Skills, both regionally and nationally.

Labour Means Business
Labour Means Business

Individuals who are sole traders, start-ups, or mangers/leaders in SME’s and large corporate organisations are all welcome to join the group or attend our events.

Meetings take place across the region and are open to all. You can support LMB by becoming a Member, Vice President or Corporate Partner so long as you are either a member of the Labour Party or share Labour’s values.

Labour really does mean business when it comes to creating a modern progressive space for modern business ideas to flourish and grow.

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