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January 13, 2016
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Visiting Warrington Market on Small Business Saturday

Labour Means Business - Small Business Saturday

What labour means business learnt from small business saturday

And how we can build on Small Business Saturday


Like many of Labour Northwest’s MPs and Labour run Local Authorities Labour Means Business did its bit to support small business on ‘Small Business Saturday’. Joined by the Leader and Deputy Leader of Warrington Borough Council, Labour Means Business lead a open liaison session with market traders in Warrington, giving them the opportunity to put any questions direct to those at the very top of the town hall. The Warrington Market walk-through was a great success, with many market traders showing their support for Labour Means Business by posing for a photo.


Supporting local business at small business saturday


Like ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Halloween’ Small Business Saturday is a recent (2013) import from the US. But please don’t hold that against it. The excellent group of people who run the campaign are led by Micelle Ovens MBE who is like my fellow Campaign Director (Tom Jennings) at Labour Means Business a digital engagement strategist. Now as I’m over 50 I still don’t know what that means, Tom tells me that digital engagement strategists are very clever and intelligent people who are generally underpaid but still manage to create functional digital networks that are the future of business in the UK.


Meeting traders at small business saturday


I’m not too sure about some of that, but what I do know is that Michelle leads a well run campaign, which highlights small business success and encourages consumers to ‘shop local’ and support small businesses in their communities with the event focused on the first shopping Saturday in December each year.

So as both Tom and I are based in Warrington we thought we would do our bit to ‘shop local’ and run a mini event with as many civic leaders as we can muster at Warrington Market this Saturday.


Small business Saturday


We’ll also be posting links to other events attended by our region’s MPs and civic leaders in the region because one thing I know from having now met the majority of our region’s MPs and the shadow BIS team is that they all have a passion for supporting their local businesses and finding ways to help them succeed.

We are therefore proud to back Small Business Saturday and all the businesses owners and their staff who help make sure their businesses succeed.

Mike Matthews (Non Digital Campaign Director)

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